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Slip and Fall Injuries

If you’ve suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident, call us today to learn about the options available for your case.

Have you been injured due to a slip and fall accident?

Premises liabilty is the thing to remember when it comes to slip & fall accidents in southern Utah. When someone trip, slips and/or falls on someone else’s property, they can lead to serious injury or even death. 435 Injured is prepared to help defend you in slip & fall cases.

Considerations about your case

You Will Have to Prove The Property Owner Was Actually At Fault

The term “reasonable” often comes up in settlement negotiations and at other key stages of slip and fall cases. That’s because, in order to be held “negligent” and therefore liable for damages in a slip and fall case, a property owner (or the owner’s agent or employee) must have failed to act as a reasonably prudent person would have acted under circumstances similar to those leading up to the accident.

Was The Victim/plaintiff At Fault At All?

In slip and fall cases, the property owner & insurance carrier may argue that the plaintiff is in part or totally responsible for the accident that led to the injuries. This kind of argument is made under a legal concept known as “comparative fault,” and states have codified the concept in “comparative negligence” and “contributory negligence” laws.

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